Wisdom Teeth- Introduction

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars that people generally get in their late teens to early twenties. They are the pair of molars furthest back in your mouth where space can be tight. Because space is tight, wisdom teeth molars can be difficult and even uncomfortable to brush and floss properly. Sometimes the wisdom teeth don’t erupt, come through the gums, at all or they erupt only partially. Other times, they may come in sideways or at some other bad angle, or they may even try to come up underneath another molar! If you’re lucky enough to have your wisdom teeth come in properly, of course it’s great to have that extra set of molars. Unfortunately, it’s often not the case and many people find themselves with anything from constant, unbearable wisdom tooth pain to a random dull ache in the back of their jaw. Checkout what to know about wisdom teeth for more info.

What Causes Wisdom Teeth Pain?

Gum Infection

Pain in your wisdom teeth is most famously caused because they didn’t erupt completely – come up through the gums all the way. Like I said above, partially erupted wisdom teeth are an easy target for the bacteria in your mouth.You may have an infection in your gums around your wisdom teeth. Are your gums swollen and/or reddened and/or tender to the touch? You should get yourself to a dentist asap.

The lovely and appetizing signs of gum irritation and/or infection include:



-inflammation (both redness and swelling)

-tenderness / pain

-pus / abscess (creamy white discharge)



There may also be a cavity forming in one or both of your wisdom teeth that is causing the pain, whether they are partially or completely erupted. If the pain gets worse with hot or cold drinks, it’s a pretty good sign you have a cavity forming or formed. Again, you should get yourself to a dentist asap.