A Guide To Current Trends for Front Doors

Creating the perfect entrance with wood front doors will enhance the front of your home, and create an incredible first impression. Wood front doors are easy to install, maintain, and will provide security. With unlimited options and finishes, finding the right style to compliment the home’s architecture is a snap.

The current trends in wood front doors are styles that are more highly designed. Arched tops, particularly on a double door will give an entrance a powerful stance, making the ceiling seem taller, and more extraordinary. Creating an arch with the sidelights following the curve has a designer appeal and high end look. Arched doors are available in a multitude of woods, including cherry, alder, mahogany, teak, or knotty pine. The the wood species and finish needs to flow with the architecture. If a home is more rustic with stone or other natural materials, then a distressed knotty pine or alder wood will provide a stunning effect. Knots and distressing add character and life to the wood front doors. current trends for front doors offers excellent info on this.

Homes are taking on a more dressy appearance with some of the new building trends. A more formal home will require a wood front door that is more serious. Cherry and mahogany woods will finish to a rich, warm tone with a soft sheen. Teak doors can be finished to a rich mellow brown that has a stately feel. The glass inserts will be more decorative with bevels, and are sometimes more prevalent in the design. The entrance to a formal home will be more spectacular when a French style door or one with side lights included. The formal styles are showier, bringing more attention to the entrance.

Wood door design is much more creative with the inclusion of design elements such as curved accents, circles, and metal accents. Multi-panels and layered moldings have a huge impact, and are some of the most popular requests. The hardware being used is also more important to the overall design of the entrance, rather than fading into the background.

Builders and realtors feel that wood front doors are a smart investment in which the homeowner will see a return on their investment if they sell. Another buying trend for doors is investing in better materials – in other words, buying once. Homeowners expect a quality design when paying a better price and a wood front door is something they are asking for. Architects and builders are also making entrances grander so that better materials such as wood are a must.