Safety Tips For Pedestrians

With the nearly 70,000 reported pedestrian injuries each year, individuals who regularly walk near busy roadways should observe basic safety measures to help themselves avoid accidents with automobile drivers. Doing so may even save an individual’s life.
In many cases, people tend to blame pedestrian accidents solely on drivers, but this is not always the fair thing to do. In fact, many pedestrians put themselves in harm’s way when walking because they fail to observe proper safety measures and break pedestrian laws.Find expert advice about more info on the pedestrian laws in Lansing.

When walking, pedestrians should always be mindful to:
Cross the road only on “Walk” symbols
Only cross the road at crosswalks
Look at both directions of traffic before crossing
Use sidewalks and avoid walking in the roadway
Keep a constant eye out for reckless drivers
Crosswalks are in place for a reason, though many pedestrians neglect to observe them and walk across roadways even when they are present. Many pedestrians think that they have the right of way in every situation, though this is actually far from the truth.
Though pedestrians do bring many accidents upon themselves because of their negligent actions, reckless drivers still account for the majority of pedestrian accidents. Reckless drivers may be distracted, or they may fail to observe traffic laws. This may cause them to:

Run red lights and stop signs
Fail to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks
Speed, making it more difficult to stop when a pedestrian is present
Drivers whose negligence leads them to strike pedestrians will usually be held accountable for the injuries that they cause. Furthermore, victims of these individuals may hold them further liable for their injuries if they decide to pursue legal action against the reckless drivers.