Is Cold Brew Coffee Better for You?-An Info

With the summer months upon us, it is time to switch from drinking hot beverages to iced beverages. For coffee lovers, that means it is the season for making iced coffee drinks. Iced coffee drinks come in many varieties from simple iced coffee to blended coffee ice cream shakes. You can just brew your coffee like you usually do, then refrigerate it to cool it off, or even better, just pour the freshly brewed beverage over ice. This method of making iced coffee is a good way to get a quick iced drink without waiting. However, one of the problems with icing hot coffee is that it can have a somewhat bitter aftertaste.

The solution to this problem is to brew your coffee cold. Cold brewed coffee is called toddy, and is very easy to make. The advantages of toddy are many. Toddy is easily made in large batches, and is good in the refrigerator for 7 days. Making toddy does not take any heating elements so it won’t heat up your kitchen in the summer. Toddy is also easily blended into any cold iced coffee drink and can be used for other recipes, like baked cookies and biscotti. And the distinct advantage to making iced coffee drinks with toddy is that toddy will not melt the ice used to blend into your drink, so it doesn’t dilute the flavor like hot coffee would. In addition, due to the slow brewing process of toddy, the flavor is smooth, and concentrated. You never get a bitter aftertaste like you do with iced hot brewed coffee.

Toddy can be made with either regular or decaffeinated coffee. You can use any type of coffee you like, including flavored coffee is cold brew coffee better for you. The best way to buy coffee for toddy, (actually any coffee), is to buy it as fresh as possible, whole bean, and either grind it at home, or at the grocery store when you purchase it. This will give you the freshest coffee flavor possible. When making toddy, use the coarsest grind possible on the grinder, usually the percolator grind.

Toddy brewers can be purchased at most coffee shops or online or you can make your own. Toddy brews overnight in your refrigerator, and some people prefer it to hot coffee so much that they actually brew their coffee cold all year long, then heat it for their hot coffee drinks. Toddy does have the health benefit of having less acidity of hot brewed coffee.